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Summer Library Challenge 2019!

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New Castle County:

Presented by Ashland Nature Center

  • Mousetronaut

    Author: Mark Edward Kelly | Illustrations: C.F. Payne

    Based on his experience with a group of mice aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor, astronaut Mark Kelly weaves this tale of a mouse who is so tiny that he has to work extra-hard to be chosen for a space mission along with his much larger comrades. The little mouse loves being in space, but how does he respond when a dangerous situation develops? Maybe bravery has nothing to do with size! What animals would you take to space? Meet some live candidates and decide for yourself.

  • Zoo in the Sky: A Book of Animal Constellations

    Author: Jacqueline Mitton | Illustrations: Christine Balit

    You have probably seen animals on Earth, but did you know that there are animals in the night sky?  A magnificent Lion prancing along the Zodiac; a Big Dog leaping at the heels of a giant; a scaly Dragon winding around the Little Dipper; and many more creatures, large and small, reside there.  Hear their stories, learn their starry shapes, and meet some live animals with stories of their own.  Which ones would you put in the sky?

  • Dragons, Damsels, and Demons: Tales of the Night Sky*

    From earliest times, humans have told stories to explain the patterns and cycles they observed in the stars.  Hear constellation tales told by ancient peoples worldwide and discover the modern interpretations of these same phenomena – the tales that science tells. This is an audiovisual presentation. Reading recommendations included – Bulfinches Mythology and The Stars a New Way to See Them H A Rey.
    *This program is recommended for grade 4 through adults.

Kent & Sussex County:

Presented by Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

  • I Am Moon

    Author: Rebecca & James McDonald

    Explore the wonder and science of our closest space neighbor, the Moon. Learn how to revolve and orbit and look for craters.  Investigate the important role the Moon plays in nature and the life cycle of many plants and animals as it shines, tugs and pulls on our Earth.  Meet a variety of live creatures such as Horseshoe Crabs from Delaware Bay and marsh habitats that depend on the Moon!

For more information about these programs and Summer Reading visit: 2019 Delaware Library Summer Reading Program Guide

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