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Delaware Nature Society at Delaware Libraries – 2018

New Castle County:

Presented by Ashland Nature Center

  • The Gruffalo

    Author: Julia Donaldson | Illustrations: Axel Scheffler

    Mouse avoids becoming dinner for a hungry fox, owl, and snake by inventing a monster – the huge and terrible Gruffalo. But what happens when a “real” Gruffalo appears, also intent on eating Mouse? Discover the surprising answer, then meet mouse’s foes, both live and taxidermied. We will learn what makes these animals such efficient hunters, then use predator “parts” to create a fearsome Gruffalo of our own!

  • Everybody Needs a Rock

    Author: Byrd Baylor | Illustrations: Peter Parnall

    There’s so much to love about rocks – they can be beautiful, plain, smooth, sparkly, rough, heavy…even smelly! Journey with a special little girl who has found her perfect rock, as she outlines the ten rules for finding yours. Then, “meet” various rocks – some seemingly ordinary, some clearly unusual – and investigate their secrets: what they are made of, where they are from, how they formed.

Kent & Sussex County:

Presented by Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

  • Learning about Rocks

    Author: Mari Schuh

    Petrology-It Rocks!
    Petrologists are geologists who study rocks,
    Rocks make arrowheads or beads or blocks,
    Rocks form from lava or fall off of cliffs,
    Rocks can be gems or fossils or schist,
    We’ll study those rocks, petrologists!

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