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Summer Library Reading Program 2021!

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New Castle County:

Presented by Ashland Nature Center

  • Traveling by Tail

    “The Snail and the Whale”, Author: Julia Donaldson | Illustrations: Axel Scheffler
    Discover the wonders of the wide world as we read the delightful tale of The Snail and the Whale to find out how anyone and everyone can be a helper when others are in need. Then meet some of the wildlife that make their homes in Delaware with live animals and taxidermy. Discover the four features these and all wildlife need to survive and learn ways you can be a helper and make your yard a happy place for wildlife.
    ISBN:13: 978-0142405802

  • Terrific Tails of Wonderful Wildlife

    “What If You Had An Animal Tail?”, Author: Sandra Markle | Illustrations: Howard McWilliam
    The animals of the world exhibit amazing adaptations and fantastic features. Together we will discover terrific tails of wonderful wildlife as we read selection entries from What If You Had An Animal Tail? by Sandra Markle. Afterwards we will meet a collection of live and taxidermy creatures from Delaware and around the world to have a closer look at their tails and other characteristics that help them survive in nature.
    ISBN:13: 978-1338208788

Kent & Sussex County:

Presented by Abbott’s Mill Nature Center

  • Owls of Delmarva

    “A Snowy Owl Story”, Author: Melissa Kim | Illustrations: Jada Fitch
    Explore the amazing and mysterious world of Owls. Meet four Delmarva residents and a special winter visitor while we read, A Snowy Owl Story. Examine the structures and adaptations while viewing mounted owl species. Actively investigate where owls live, fly and hunt as the sky grows dark. Learn to identify hoots and calls. Backyard activities for family night exploration!
    ISBN: 13: 978-1939017482

For more information about the Summer Reading Program visit: 2021 Delaware Library Summer Reading Program Guide.

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