Delaware Libraries

Auto Renewal

Starting September 2023!

How does it work?

Three days prior to an item’s due date an automatic renewal is attempted:

  • You will receive a courtesy email notice listing items that were successfully renewed with a new due date. Items that were NOT renewed will receive the standard due date notice.
  • If you don’t have email, you will not receive these notices. You can check your account online or contact the library to see if items were renewed.
  • Text courtesy notices will continue to be sent the day before an item is due. They will not be sent for items that were successfully renewed.

Will I lose days in my checkout period because it’s being renewed three days before the due date?

  • No. The automatic renewal calculates the new due date from the original due date so you won’t lose any time.

What if I want to renew an item myself?

  • If you want to renew an item earlier than three days prior to the due date, please contact the library. As
    long as the item is eligible, staff can renew the item one renewal period at a time.
  • Sometimes, an item that doesn’t automatically renew will become eligible for renewal closer to its due date. If you still need the item, you can try to renew it via our online catalog or the DLC Mobile app. If it still cannot be renewed, please return the item to the library.

What items are not eligible for automatic renewals?

  • Items requested by other patrons
  • Items that have already been renewed the maximum number of times
  • Items that are not renewable (Ex: Browse/Walk In/Interlibrary Loan/Digital Items/Museum Passes)

What else causes items to not be automatically renewed?

  • An account that is not eligible to have materials renewed because it is expired, blocked, or has an excess of overdue items.

Can I opt out of this service?

  • Not at this time. All items that can be automatically renewed will be three days prior to the due date. If you don’t want them to be renewed, simply bring them back to the library.