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What is Northstar Digital?

A free self-guided online program set of assessments that show your ability to perform basic computer tasks.

Northstar Digital

Earn a digital badge or a certificate in each of these areas:
Note: For a certificate, each assessment must be taken in a supervised setting (provided by Literacy Delaware).

  • Essential Computer Skills ~ Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows, Mac OS
  • Essential Software Skills ~ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs
  • Using Technology in Daily Life ~ Social Media, Information Literacy, Supporting  K-12 Distance Learning, Career Search Skills, Your Digital Footprint
  • Get Results ~ At the end of each assessment, you will receive your results. You’ll get a list of the skills you’ve mastered and the skills you need to learn.

Get Started!

Delaware Libraries are partnering with Literacy Delaware to provide proctored assessments via Zoom.
Schedule your proctored assessment for Northstar with Literacy Delaware 

Make an Appointment!

Appointments forms are also available in Spanish – Haga una cita


  • Take an Assessment.
  • Select & complete assessment (no badge or certificate will be awarded-it’s only an assessment).
  • If you did NOT pass: obtain a “Learner Account” from Delaware Libraries & complete Northstar Modules.
    • You can retake assessment.
  • If you DID pass assessment: contact Literacy Delaware to schedule a proctored assessment to earn badge/certificate.

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