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Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM)

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Think it. Build it. Test it.

Thinking like an engineer can help build a better world! Bring your child to the library to introduce them to some great books about engineering and design, to learn about the engineering process. Let them test their skills on some cool problem-solving projects!

You and your child will build and test a catapult, a marble roller coaster, and three bridge support columns. Then test which shape will support the most weight. Plastic eggs and Play-doh will give you the chance to build the tallest tower. Explore Ralph Masiello’s Robot Drawing Book, design a make and take robot picture, and watch our wind-up robot jump and dance!

Books lead the way, as engineering saves the day!

For grades K-5

STEM LibGuide
“Think it. Build it. Test it.” LibGuide


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