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Summer STEM Program

DASEF Summer Schedule 2021 PDF

Tails & Tales DASEF Summer 2021
This program includes the following activities and others that address the following Delaware State STEAM Standards addressed by “Tails & Tales” : Engineering Design & English Language Arts. This program will be adapted for either in-person or virtual formats.

Read Aloud: Use any book you have available about animals, or check one out from the library. Ask questions about the animals & their tails before reading to the group. Recommended Book & Video Lists PDF
Sample Questions:

  • What do animals use their tails for?
  • Do all animals have tails?
  • Are all tails alike?
  • How might an animal use their tail?

Activity: “DeTAILS” about Animal Tails

  • Create a Tailed Creature: Draw a picture of your creature in its habitat using its special tail. Write a fiction story about your creature and its tail.
  • Watch Tale of the Tail Video
  • Drawing: What if you had a tail? Draw a picture of yourself with a tail. What type of tail would you have and why.
  • Animal Tails: “Mad-Lib” format: Mad-Lib Sheet PDF
  • Out of Sorts Animals: Animals can be classified in many different ways! Take a minute to look at the pictures of different animals. Animal Pictures PDF
  • “ZOO-ineering” – Zoo Habitat Design Challenge: Tails are animal adaptations that help them survive in an environment. Imagine that you are a structural engineer in charge of designing habitats & ehibits for tailed animals at a zoo. Material List Tails & Tales PDF

For grades K-5

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For more information about the Summer Reading Program visit: 2021 Delaware Library Summer Reading Program Guide.