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CloudSource Open Access (OA)

An Open Access article is an academic publication that provides free full text access through the Delaware Library Catalog (DLC). You do not need a Delaware Library Card to use this service.

Delaware Library Catalog

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*IMPORTANT: Open Access Articles are available on public access computers but are NOT available on in-library catalog computers at the library, nor through the DLC Mobile app on mobile devices.

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  1. Visit Delaware Library Catalog
  2. Choose Open Access Articles
  3. Pick a Subject or type a Subject
  4. Click  Search!

You will find high quality, peer-reviewed, academic articles covering a broad range of subject areas.

Book chapters, reports, proceedings, dissertations and open educational resources (OER) such as lesson plans, lectures, and lab activities are also available. Additional content is being added on a regular basis.

Any search in the Delaware Library Catalog will automatically generate results from the CSOA database. Results can be found in the Open Access Articles tab of the results page. Or use the drop down menu and select Open Access Articles.

An Everything search will return a View Other Search Results box between the 2nd and 3rd results. This provides another access point to Open Access Articles.

Search filters are available to limit the result set
Options include Format, Publication Date, Field of Study, MeSH (Medical Subject Heading), Peer Reviewed, OER Material Type, and other facets.

Clicking on the View Resource button on the results page will open the article in full text format in a new window.

Full text articles are freely available. Patrons do not need a library card to access the content. Just visit the Delaware Library Catalog and start searching!
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The Publisher Page button will open the article on the Publisher’s website in a new window.

The Permalink button will open a new box that contains the exact URL to that specific article. You can select the link type and press the Copy button. This can be a beneficial feature that helps you keep track of resources you are interested in.

Articles can be cited in the APA, MLA, or Chicago styles. The article citation will be displayed directly in the Citing box. Simply click the formatting style needed. Note: it can take a few seconds for the citation to appear.

Cited by is using metrics to look at works citing other work. This gives the searcher a number for how many times this article has been cited by other works. Buzz is measuring social media activity. Click on the article title to open a details box. Click the Buzz tab to see which sites have cited the article.

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