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Summer Library Challenge 2018 Performances at your library


Rock the Mic: Hip-Hop & Literacy

Presented by Baba Bomani

Features music videos, multi-media presentations, call and response, and rhythmic movement that will involve the entire audience. Using the biographies of the founder of the Hip-Hop culture DJ Kool Herc, African-American social reformer and statesman Frederick Douglass, and American inventor Thomas Edison. Baba Bomani’s performance centers on the importance of telling our own stories. The audience will rap along to original, professionally released music by Bomani. Bomani will also perform interactive songs that include tips on how to be a creative writer. The diverse subjects of his songs include historical facts about the birth and development of hip-hop culture and its elements, abolition of slavery, the importance of literacy, writing, and the engineering design process and importance of research.

This show is approximately forty-five to sixty minutes in length.
Rock the Mic Schedule PDF

Unexpected Heroes: India Tales

Presented by New Moon Theather

Learn about the beauty of the Indian subcontinent.The audience will meet quick-witted and kind-hearted heroes who help others while helping to transform their lives. The interactive stories performed in “Unexpected Heroes: India Tales” shed light on the beauty of the Indian subcontinent.Master storyteller Julie Kurzava brings to life three stories from India, including “Munna and the Grain Rice”, a tale about a girl whose compassionate heart leads her to save the day by harnessing the awesome power of MATH! In the story of “Hodja”, a wise man stops a bully in his tracks. In the third story, Gopal’s ingenuity and generosity lead him to his heart’s desire in “The Drummer Boy”.Told in a broad, theatrical style with the whole audience participating, “India Tales” is fun while encouraging an appreciation and connection with other cultures.

This show is approximately forty-five minutes in length.
India Tales Schedule PDF

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