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Finding, Using & Requesting Books

Finding/Getting/Using Materials

For answers to your questions about finding, getting and using materials just click on a question.
How do I use the library catalog?
You can find books, DVDs, and CDs using the Quick Find box on the main page. Simply enter words from either the author’s name or the title in the Search Terms field and hit the blue Search button directly below. The catalog will look for the words you have entered in the records of all of the Delaware Library Catalog libraries, and bring up a new page listing the results in alphabetical order. Scroll up and down the page and view additional pages to locate the record that you want. The brief record in this list will show you if a copy is available and which libraries they are in. You can click on Full Record for more info, or click on Place Hold to have the item sent to your local library.
How long can I keep items?
Items can be checked out for a period of time depending on where the items are checked out. Also due to high demand some items may have a shorter periods. Please contact your local library for specific information.
How do I request items from other member libraries, or request an item that is checked out?
You may request items from other libraries in the Delaware Library catalog by placing a hold, on the item. Holds may also be placed on items that are currently checked out to other patrons. To place a hold you must first login to the catalog with you library barcode number and P.I.N. (If you do not know your P.I.N. you can ask for it the next time you visit your local library.) Once logged in search for the item or items you wish to have held. You can hold these items by clicking on the Place Hold button in the list of items or if you are in looking at a particular item, click on the Place Hold link on the left side of the screen. You will be taken to the hold screen. You must select the library where you will pick up the item from the pull down list of member libraries. You must select a library before finishing the hold process. Click Place Hold to finish.
Why am I getting a “Hold not Allowed” message?
You may see this message when you try to place a hold on an item that is in a non-holdable location, is part of a specific item type or collection that has particular limitations on availability, or is not available for another reason. If a library is closed for renovation or relocation, its items may not be available for holds for some period of time, since they may be in storage or in a work zone not immediately or safely accessible by staff. The following is a list of item locations and item types which cannot be put on hold. Please contact the library where these items are located to find out how you may have access to these items. Other exclusions may apply at different times.

  • All Archives Materials
  • Career Reference
  • Material Being Cataloged
  • Microfilm/fiche
  • Music and Audio visual restricted collections at DTCC
  • Periodicals and magazines at Dover and Wilmington Public Libraries
  • Rare Books
  • Reference Collections at all public and academic libraries
  • Vertical File/Newspaper Index
  • Walk-In/Browse
  • Wesley Barrett’s Chapel Collection
  • Wesley Cooper Collection
  • Wesley Juvenile Collection
  • Wesley Video Collection
  • Wilmington Public Library DVD
How do I cancel my holds?
To cancel your holds, log in the catalog and pull up your account information by clicking on the My Account link in the “green” menu bar. To see the list of your current holds click on the Review My Account link. To cancel a specific hold just put a check in the box to the left of the hold in the list. To cancel all your holds click on the Cancel All Holds button. Even holds that are marked Available can be canceled. When you are done making you selections (if you are not cancelling all of your holds) click on the Cancel Selected Holds button. You will then be shown a confirmation screen with a list of the holds you just canceled. Click the OK link to return to your account information.
How do I renew my items?
To renew items that are currently checked out to you, first log in to your library account with your User ID (library card number) and P.I.N. Go to your account by clicking on the My Account link in the green Menu Bar. Once in My Account click on the Renew My Materials link to open the item renewal screen. Here you will see a list of all the items checked out to you and their due dates. You can select specific items to renew by clicking on the box beside them. If you wish to renew all your items click on the button beside, “Renew All.” Then click on the, “Renew Selected Items,” button below the list. You will then see a summary screen with all the items renewed and their new due dates. Click the OK link at the end of the list and you can continue searching the catalog or log out of your account. Most items can only be renewed 2 times. Always check with your local library for any specific rules. Patrons whose accounts have been blocked due to excessive fines or bills will not be allowed to renew their items and need to contact their local library.